BOTSFA Get-together

September 5-6, 2015

Fifty BOTSFA members and Friends of Botswana gathered in Vänersborg during the weekend of September 5-6. Both road and rail traffic miraculously ran smoothly, resulting in all participants arriving in time for a 14:00 start of the programme. The  get-together, in the regional town of the Götaland County, did not only attract interest from nearby cities and towns such as Göteborg, Karlstad, Borås, Mariestad and others, participants  travelled from as far as Uppsala, a 400 km distance from Vänersborg.


Participants were welcomed by the flags of Botswana and Sweden flying high next to each other in front of Vänersborgs museum. BOTSFA’s thanks specifically go to the museum’s director, Peter Johansson, who went beyond the call of duty to make the get-together memorable. A welcome remark by the Major of Vänersborgs Municipality, Marie Dahlin, set the platform for the comfort that participants needed to feel at home away from home.


The Embassy of Botswana was represented at the highest level, reinforcing the strong diplomatic and cultural exchanges between the two countries and the strong social bonds that characterise BOTSFA – where friends meet. The get-together became a well-appreciated kick-start to the Embassy’s formal Independence celebration reception scheduled for September 30th.


Last but not least was the participation by a Namibia delegation working with preparations for an exhibition, XOM/Etosha, a Namibian Story, at Vänersborgs art gallery, which will run from September 10th. The presence of the Namibian group provided an interesting interaction on discussions related to the early Swedish travelers/explorers to Namibia and Botswana.


And, to put a cherry on the cake, the participants enjoyed a dinner at Lagergrenska Huset, followed by a guided tour of the places where the explorers had lived and where they were buried.


Thank you all who made the weekend special!



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